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18 [f4a] It Was My 18th Birthday Yesterday And I Want To Celebrate!

Discussion in 'Kik Mistress Usernames' started by Tiny little bit, May 16, 2017.

  1. Reposting because people reported my other post. This is my actual, verified account.
    Kik me, message me, make fun of me, buuy me a birthday present, or anything really! If I really really like you, maybe I’ll send a pic or a few. Not really sure what else to say. I’m really petite and haven’t fucked in forever.

    TL;DR: I’m stupidly excited to be legal and want to celebrate! Snapchat is claraoswin - kik is the same.

    I get paid from Admin if you click the ad above and below - pleaseeeee click them guys x comment "done" below and I'll send you a private pic xx
  2. WhitexxxP

    WhitexxxP Guest

  3. drknssElitE

    drknssElitE Guest

    KIK drknssElitE
  4. Lanemesger

    Lanemesger Guest

    Kik is lanemesger

  5. Done!
  6. beawesomeken

    beawesomeken Guest

    hit me up sexy! kik: beawesomeken
  7. sassypants

    sassypants Guest

    kik is ssmith2139
  8. sassypants

    sassypants Guest

  9. Ostafin

    Ostafin Guest

    Done, can you add me now on kik ;)?

  10. Done.. kik me : upallknight999
  11. Vnty

    Vnty Guest

    Hey honey add me on kik : Bnzy_
  12. Grant

    Grant Guest

    Hey darlin I clicked the link and added you on snap glance90:)
  13. sapnupuas

    sapnupuas Guest

    hey add me @bendove7
  14. Done
    Add mikemill7445
  15. Beck

    Beck Guest

  16. Fuck me

    Fuck me Guest


    Add me babe: dnc666
  17. SheepMaster03
  18. Done cbeardballislife
  19. Billfoil

    Billfoil Guest

    Finished simplify11
  20. bobtomson

    bobtomson Guest


    add me - bobtomson32

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