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19 F Just Broke Up W/my Bf

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by erkylie01100, Oct 23, 2016.

  1. erkylie01100

    erkylie01100 New Member

    19 F just broke up w/my bf..
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  2. Feelmarly13

    Feelmarly13 New Member

    I'll be your best friend
    Gspotsavage snapchat?
  3. Subnuele

    Subnuele New Member

    It's always difficult to find a response to the "I just broke up" line. On the one hand, maybe it was a bad relationship and you're happy to be out, in which case congratulations. On the other hand maybe it was a good relationship that you didn't want to get out of, so perhaps condolences are in order.
  4. Maxjlegend

    Maxjlegend Member

    Addme sc<3
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  5. Shackleford

    Shackleford New Member

    Sc Stay_real87

    Kik biohazard2101
  6. Nnuumyeroc

    Nnuumyeroc New Member

    Kik- nnumyeroc
    Snap- nayryeroc

    Lets have some fun ;)

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  7. Wesley Kraan

    Wesley Kraan Member

    Snap wesleykraan
  8. c_robo95

    c_robo95 New Member

    i think you need abit of relaxed fun x
  9. Gian

    Gian New Member

    sc: goliver420
  10. Gabev69

    Gabev69 New Member

    Kik: tampabay9
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