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19 [f4m] Boredom Strikes

Discussion in 'Snapchat Sexting Usernames' started by correttee, Oct 16, 2016.

  1. I'm not going to be able to send any fun snaps until later tonight when I have some privacy. However, I wouldn't mind adding people earlier than that if they want to show off lol.

    I'm 19 as stated above, curvy, and my main turn ons are moaning, dirty talk, and cumshots. I'm honestly not massively turned on by photos usually, videos are what get me.

    Feel free to send me a message and I can give you my Snapchat. Just add your age and what you'd be interested in doing. :) Hopefully we can have even more fun later on.

    I get paid for each ad you click on this thread (top and bottom) so please help me out and click them. Will message one nude for each person that does x
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  2. edwischer

    25M - 6 foot, love lingerie
  3. literaleon 19 M, 6'1, Whatever you want ;)
  4. Ohsnapcory
  5. trevorphillilp56
  6. Insidemymadness 18
    We'll see ; )
  7. M 23 Snapchat: craigomeara
  8. Gwellington25 Add me
  9. 25 h201991
  10. Evan_michaels
  11. Mikazoom10

    Mikazoom10 Guest

    Snapchat mikazoom10
    Age 18
    Seeing some nice tits
  12. Likefit

    Likefit Guest

    Snapchat likefit16 add me
  13. Luke

    Luke Guest

    Hey add me on Snapchat EskimoSavii
  14. Add my snap dirtytalker23
    Moaning, dirty talk, and cumshot video and videos
  15. Snapchat nickdemon33
  16. Param7777

    Param7777 Guest

    Add param7777
  17. Camerwnn3200

    Camerwnn3200 Guest

    19, want to talk or whatever you want add camerwnn
  18. Cannon

    Cannon Guest

  19. rrichards386

    rrichards386 Guest

    rrichards386 what ever u want baby
  20. rrichards386

    rrichards386 Guest

    rrichards386 20
    what ever u want babe

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