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19 [f4m] Tried And Died X

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by anjjjx, Oct 13, 2016.

  1. This time I'm going to play safe: Post your username and I'll snap you a pic. If you like it, send me one back :) Simples xx

    EDIT: please include a little about why I should choose you :) xx
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  2. First time on here. HMU! You can be my first (;
    Snapchat: bsacamano68
  3. thomascowan8

    thomascowan8 Guest

    Add me iv got a trouser snake
  4. There won't be any holding back add thegreatgage15
  5. Dhursin3. You ahould definetly choose me especially if you wana have real fun
  6. I would make your day/nigth
    Snapchat: krautschaedler
  7. My Snapchat is Tuxedoandmask

    As for why you should choose me... Hmm. Well, I’m a fairly decent writer and have some experience with pretty heavily detailed sexts/RPs. Beyond that I’m not terrible to look at either.

    I hope to hear back from you soon. ^_^
  8. My Snapchat: raivisfosure
  9. dmclean40

    Snap me because I love sexting with other people and I want to do it with you.
  10. ozzytheepical

    New to this sexting thing and would love it if you could be my first!
    Happy to chat or rp, really whatever you're up for!

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