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19 [f4m] Tried And Died X

Discussion in 'Snapchat Names' started by anjjjx, Oct 13, 2016.

  1. anjjjx

    anjjjx Registered User

    This time I'm going to play safe: Post your username and I'll snap you a pic. If you like it, send me one back :) Simples xx

    EDIT: please include a little about why I should choose you :) xx
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  2. horny

    horny Registered User

    Snap me at veryhornyboyy
    You should snap me because I'm horny for you
  3. bigboy26051990

    bigboy26051990 Registered User

    Hey add me name same as here like to chat and have some naughty fun
  4. Willyc26

    Willyc26 Registered User

    Add willyc26
  5. Justin cook

    Justin cook Registered User

    Add me because I'm awesome and I snapback fast and I got a huge piece and im freaky
    Add me @ redeyezjedi
  6. Zedman72

    Zedman72 Registered User

  7. JamesTheGiantDick1

    JamesTheGiantDick1 Registered User

    Hey beautiful! Add me on snap: jamesdabesttt I'm up or anything you desire from naughty stuff to just talking!
  8. itachi098

    itachi098 Registered User

    i can be quite funny/charming (i think lmao) and fun to talk to
  9. Burton7

    Burton7 Registered User

  10. Terry Wellem

    Terry Wellem Registered User

    Add me: twellem8
    You should add me because I'm very easy going and I'm not afraid to do anything. Try me :)
  11. Latin-69

    Latin-69 Registered User

    Snap: latin-69
    In Latino and I'm quick to reply, I'm a good choice.
  12. Bobby.j123

    Bobby.j123 Registered User

    Add bobby.j123, you will be in for a good surprise :)
  13. lemonshows

    lemonshows Registered User


    Add me because i have a young and free spirited body, i'm fun to talk to and if you're all about the little guy - he will always show up and never dissapoint ;) xx
  14. Spiderpool89

    Spiderpool89 Registered User

    Ohsnapcory because im easy on the eyes haha
  15. jfman1991

    jfman1991 Registered User

    Snap is: jfman1991

    Friendly, won't take screen shots and happy to have a chat or whatever as well.
  16. Sfman22

    Sfman22 Registered User

    Sfman22 just looking for a good time
  17. marsking

    marsking Registered User

    SC: buzzyyboyy , M 25 from canada quebec , cute gangster and i have kid ;)
  18. Oopussy

    Oopussy Registered User

    My Snapchat is ophelium I'd love to chat and more... I am ready to send pics back, and talk dirty to you, trust me, I can say just the right things ;)
  19. Sam5393

    Sam5393 Registered User


    Im new to this snapchat thing, you could have the awesome honor of being my first snap "buddy" :p
  20. waydaddy6

    waydaddy6 Registered User


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