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20f uk | add me on klk : krizhax [real] [not selling] [trading]

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by beatrixcz, Oct 6, 2017.

  1. A person that could turn my brains on first by just a simple conversation. klk me now @ krizhax
  2. KlK ME NOW ****''Krishax''***** ....I'AM ONLINE NOW!!!
  3. I'am ONLINE now Hit me now ..I'am bored asf! are you ready for wild things?? KlKME NOW "Krizhax"
  4. When you shower me with your romantic words, your intoxicating kisses, and loving hugs that brings out the loudest moans ever. klk me @ krizhax
  5. i dont care guys who have a circumcised or big/small dont worry baby krizha loves you. klk me @ krizhax
  6. I like to meet people and to discover their stories. I also like to do crazy things, to be spontaneous. klk me now @ krizhax
  7. I'am bored asf! Hit me now @ klk krizhax
  8. Swap | Trade | Nudes | Live pic | Hit me now @ krizhax
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