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20f uk | add me on klk : krizhax [real] [not selling] [trading]

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by beatrixcz, Oct 6, 2017.

  1. I'm a shy lady looking 4 nsa fun. klk me now @ krizhax
  2. When you shower me with your romantic words, your intoxicating kisses, and loving hugs that brings out the loudest moans ever. klk me @ krizhax
  3. Warning! not for the faint of heart! may cause insomnia , overheating and divorce! :). I need dirtytalk.are u ready? klk me now @ krizhax
  4. i dont care guys who have a circumcised or big/small dont worry baby krizha loves you. klk me @ krizhax
  5. I like to meet people and to discover their stories. I also like to do crazy things, to be spontaneous. klk me now @ krizhax
  6. I'am bored asf! klk me now and seduce me ! krizhax
  7. Klk me now krizhax
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