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21 f katie bored and lonely

Discussion in 'Kik Mistress Usernames' started by katie louis, Sep 14, 2017.

  1. Hey guy's title pretty much says it all, I am looking for a older man preferably, I have a fetish for respectful gentlemen, I love guys who make me feel like a proper lady ;). I enjoy roleplay and BDSM so if you have a way with words thats a definite check in my book!

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  2. Steve92c

    Steve92c Guest

    Hey feel free to add me
  3. Flashfreak83

    Flashfreak83 Guest

    I love bdms and role play. I hope to turn you on. flashfreak83
  4. Cris

    Cris Guest

  5. Twistedimp

    Twistedimp Guest

  6. Hmu davidweller66

  7. Hey, you can add me at ProbablyNo1
  8. thirdacceasy
  9. mciccarelli

    mciccarelli Guest

    Add me mciccarelli
  10. Add me, mciccarelli
  11. DanielShv

    DanielShv Guest

  12. I am 27m, I am very respectful but would love to dominate you in the bedroom ;) mjones010101
  13. add me.. would love your company. Haha

  14. Add me gorgeous Ryanhboston
  15. Nighwing13

    Nighwing13 Guest

  16. Sam911

    Sam911 Guest

    Sxepher93 ;-)
  17. SinnedSoulify
  18. Remy W

    Remy W Guest

    Add me cookieandcream6969
  19. Add me tkuehn33
  20. Mafadaka94

    Mafadaka94 Guest

    hey add me whitecock__94 :)

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