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Advice On Responding To Female Posters, By A Female Poster. Aka For Fucks Sake Guys, We Exist.

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by Goonergirl13, Oct 19, 2016.

  1. Goonergirl13

    Goonergirl13 New Member

    I know that no one will read this but I feel like all the "there are no women" comments I am always seeing suggest an overall problem that women on this sub are facing.

    I post here or respond to someone or browse every day. What can I say, I'm a sex addict. I am also a woman. We exist. We want to talk dirty just like you do.

    However, we want DIFFERENT things than you do. If you have actually had sex with women, you may have noticed that we don't get off exactly how you do. If you haven't, well, go read something please.

    Speaking personally, the difference is that it takes me a while to get into a mental space where I can orgasm. I do that by starting a conversation, finding a mutually sexy idea we both like, and taking about it. If that happens to involve pictures, great. But I'm not going to glance at your genitals and be overcome with emotion. It's your brain I need.

    I hate to generalise, but women do want MENTAL STIMULATION. That's why we are looking to talk. It takes us a bit longer to jerk off, we need sexy thoughts more than images, and we are asking you for yours. Your thoughts and your words. You do have those, I know you do.

    When I post an [F4M] I could receive a hundred messages in an hour. Of those messages I automatically rule out 90% of them instantly because they're shit. I don't reply.

    Is that mean? Sure. It's really mean. I don't like doing it.

    If you're interviewing 180 people for a job, how long would it take you to reply to 90 of those people to say "sorry, we're not interested"? A while, right? Would you, if you were me, do that 90 times every time you wanted to get off? Or would you, like me, get seriously fucking tired of that?

    So, if you get ignored, please don't take it personally or assume I'm not real. I just didn't like you. But my dislike is based on a genuine and serious flaw in your approach: Your messages are bad, guys. Really, really bad.

    Of those I instantly ignore, it is because of the following:

    1) Absolutely no information whatsoever. Just [Kik name].

    2) Barely any info, not enough to bother with. "Yeah bby I have a huge cock, kik me."

    3) Obsessive references to:

    a) Your penis, including pictures. Seriously I did not post "please send me your penis's CV and a florid description of said genitalia". It's fucking chat. I don't care if you're 1 inch or 18, unless stated otherwise.

    b) Your need to cum. "I need to cum right now!", "I have a big load for you!" So you're planning to cum immediately, and that's it? You think I came here to help you jerk it for 30 seconds? That's useless for me. The fact that we both want to orgasm is implied.

    4) Completely ignoring what I'm looking for, or being pretty indifferent to my preferences. "I'm not really into that, but let's do X" I'm normally looking for submissive guys. Messages like "Hey I'm a dominant guy but I guess I could give submission a try for once." I get SO FUCKING MANY of those. WHY? I don't want that. I clearly didn't ask for that. Fuck.

    5) Expecting me to generate porn for you. Or, expecting me to clap politely while you show me your dick 18,000 times. If you want to obsess over it, go look in a mirror. If you want porn, google is your friend. Don't waste my time. This especially goes for submissive guys. For fucks sake you are not submissive if your primary move is to demand that I send you videos constantly. Those guys can suck my hard plastic dick.

    Okay, rant over. Back to your wanking everyone
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  2. Mad45973

    Mad45973 New Member

    Hahaha good one .
    I am Mad from somewhere in Asia. Looking for a good chat buddy (that doesnt mean i wont like to have fun ) Would like to share more if you are interested. Kik me @ mad45963.

    Will this work??
  3. bhalworth

    bhalworth New Member

    Well done, super helpful! Thx!!
  4. Dylan Anderson

    Dylan Anderson New Member

    Thanks for actually taking some time to break that down and offer some of us newbies some good advice.
    I'd love if you gave me some more tips and pointers:)
    SC Danderson396
    I'm a younger guy, good looking, blue eyes, tatoos, a job, a car, goals, 6ft+....
  5. _Isaiah_

    _Isaiah_ New Member

    Kik: Boxtopbunny

    So let's chat and become friends and stuff.


    So i will say right off the bat- uhm im clearly not a guy to boast.. never was and never will be...

    im a guy and i clearly dont get off on pure image, but i do like thrills and will love to see what u have in mind. since i do understand the load sites like this give.. i underatand if u skip past my reply.

    So i wish you the best of luck and a womderful night/day.
  6. Waxmeat

    Waxmeat New Member

    ....that's true..
    I'm a man and I say: it's our fault!!! Totally!!!!

    It seems that we are using Snapchat to find our personal slave/pornostar...

    It's weird, but it's true!!!
  7. John Haschak

    John Haschak New Member

    Hey whats up hello im a 22 y/0 college student and i im just tryna have some fun befor this break ends, lets talk i can make you laugh and ill send you pics of my dog instead of nudes (;

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