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Amberfell - blonde 19 uk

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by Amberfell, May 15, 2016.

  1. Amberfell

    Amberfell New Member

    Blonde 19 from Edinbu here. I love getting my kit off on snapchat and kik so what are you waiting for?

    Add me!xxx
  2. Kyle8in

    Kyle8in Guest

    Add snapchat, kyle8in
  3. Alitaros

    Alitaros New Member

    Add kik first: akbasm
  4. Wasddsaw0987

    Wasddsaw0987 New Member

    Add me wasddsaw0987 kik and snap are the same
  5. davesmithyyo

    davesmithyyo Member

  6. Brian wolff

    Brian wolff New Member

    Mines bwolff1 so add me on snapchat
  7. Brian wolff

    Brian wolff New Member

    Add me on snapchat: bwolff1
  8. Taylor Hodges

    Taylor Hodges New Member

    Add me on snapchat Taylor_Hodges7
  9. Habib_044

    Habib_044 Member

    Add me back on sc: Habib_044
  10. How do I add you
    My snap is
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