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Daddy for son !

Discussion in 'Gay Kik Usernames' started by South3rnBoyPrid3_21, Jun 12, 2017.

  1. 24 Year old Daddy here looking for his son !
    Be daddies son and do what he tells you too

    Be my son forever I want a,son to love
    Daddy will,change your name !
    Daddy will adopt,you and,give you a new name.

    You are to do as daddy tells you.
    You refer to me as daddy.

    Black,white and Mexican are a plus
    Foriegn guys are a plus.

    You must be able to,send vids and pics upom daddies,request.

    My phone will not allow me to send vids

    Send a face picture and a wedgie video and ill see if,you qualify.


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