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Dirty snapchats and story

Discussion in 'Dirty Snapchat' started by boobykitty, Apr 16, 2018 at 9:05 PM.

  1. Come to me knowing what you want. I will not explain this if you message me on snap chat asking for it, so read it all. If you just skip through this I will know and you will just get blocked for wasting my time.
    $21 for a set. the set includes pictures and videos sent to you. $20/month for my dirty snap chat story. I not only post myself but my roommates as well with their permission. The story includes pictures and videos. If you want to pay for the story and have dirty pictures sent to you randomly throughout the month it will be $28/month. I only accept Pay Pal. If you have read this far the first thing you should message me is the word "tiger". If you do not message me with it I will ask you for the word and if you can't provide it you will get blocked. You DO NOT have permission from any of us to Snapchatreenshot or Snapchatreen record. If you Snapchatreenshot or Snapchatreen record you will get blocked and if you do it during the set then we will stop sending the remaining pictures and you will get blocked. My snap chat is boobykitty98

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