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[f4m] april 18', fun times ❤

Discussion in 'Kik Mistress Usernames' started by Roxy Parker, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. Roxy Parker

    Roxy Parker Verified

    Hi! I'm Roxy Parker & this is my little corner at TheSextingForum.

    From what you've already guessed I'm an Independent Cam Girl, I live in the US & being on college adds some extra burdens to a girl's pocket.:p
    I'm here to provide unseen quality of services to serious men from all over the world. If you're looking for a real girl & you're 18+ you might be interested so keep reading. ;)

    What I'm offering

    Live/Custom nudes & sexting
    That's right gentlemen, dirty talk without actual nudes is like coffee without sugar!
    I'll do some of the best nudes you've ever seen on kik, so take a deep breath & Indulge yourselfs to quality nudes & sexting.

    Gallery vids
    I've been recording naughty vids since May 2017, I might surprise you with the variety of my work. From my lesbian tape to legendary solo adventures, all compatible with your iPhone, your Android or Mac/Pc & ready at a moment's notice via Dropbox you just can't say no!
    Forget about copy-cats & low quality porn, I'm filming & editing all my vids on my own.

    Custom vids
    I'm one of the few actual girls taking video requests over kik! Come say hi, fill me up with details about your ideas & if what you're asking is doable I'll be happy to record it for a fair price.

    Ways to contact me

    -Kik: RoxyJParker
    -Forum: Feel free to send me a private message, I will respond :)

    *Some things to keep in mind

    1. No time wasters, I'm searching for serious men that know what they want. I don't mind you being shy, a first timer, a virgin or anything similar, you're welcome.

    2. Previews are limited to what I believe you deserve, don't fuck my good vibes.
    3. This is an adult thing, I won't talk to you if you're bellow 18.
    4. If you're looking for a fast response, please tell me where u found me at. (eg. TheSextingForum)

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  2. Add me on kik: Yo118
  3. Roxy Parker

    Roxy Parker Verified

    The gov's down but we're still busy lol. I'm online guys! Hmu if you're looking for some fun! ;)
  4. Roxy Parker

    Roxy Parker Verified

    Happy Valentine's Day guys!
  5. Believe me, you guys wont regret this, she has the sexiest content gor a reasonable price
  6. Roxy Parker

    Roxy Parker Verified

    Thursdays are decent days, let's make 'em even better! Hit me up for some fun on Kik guys! I'm a real college girl ready to satisfy your daily needs! ;)
  7. Roxy Parker

    Roxy Parker Verified

    23% of adults in the US have had sex while at work at least for once. Are you one of them? (I might be) ;)
  8. Roxy Parker

    Roxy Parker Verified

    Just read a study (not the whole thing xD) that men & women can't be just friends. It's official people we're only good as fuck buddies. :p

    *Hey there @DomiantSir45 :)
    Feel free to hmu anytime
  9. Wow! Can I say finally some girl that is not a Snapchatam thing, actually a legit real human being. She is friendly, easygoing and her quality is premium. Trust me when I say it is well worth your time. My cock seemed to think so as well!
  10. Roxy Parker

    Roxy Parker Verified

    Tonight's the night I talk with soft guys! :) I want to chat with shy people, get that naughty feeling blazzing inside you! Ofc experienced people are always welcome too. ;)
  11. I highly recommend messaging her, not only is she real, unlike most that you find, shes also nice and her videos are fantastic. She's not even rude in fact she also makes feel better about yourself, if your in need of such a thing.
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  12. Roxy Parker

    Roxy Parker Verified

    If you're lacking experience with sexting I might be what you need, without saying that I won't respond to seasoned guys! ;)
  13. Roxy Parker

    Roxy Parker Verified

    I'll be on kik for a couple of hours! Hit me up for some fun if you're serious about it! ;)
  14. @18lunscl kik me
  15. Roxy Parker

    Roxy Parker Verified

    I'll be available guys! Hit me up if you're looking for a real gal over kik. ;)
  16. Roxy Parker

    Roxy Parker Verified

    I'm online guys! Made some changes here & there so I can keep up with the demand! Feel free to hit me up anytime, anywhere (be it here or kik), I'm ready to satisfy your needs. ;)
  17. Roxy Parker

    Roxy Parker Verified

    Last post for today! I'll be online for the next 2 hours or so. Hit me up for a quickie. :p
  18. Hit me up on Kik sometime. Real guy, 26, semi-shy, looking for fun.
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  19. Add hotlickiered

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