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Looking For A Guy Who Wants To Flirt A Little Before ..

Discussion in 'Female Snapchat Usernames - Verified' started by KarenAnnex, Oct 15, 2016.

  1. KarenAnnex

    KarenAnnex New Member

    I turn myself in too a little Latin whore.

    If you have a big cock, nice smile, sense of humor let's chat and get this Friday night going!

    Prefer older guys!
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  2. Latin-69

    Latin-69 New Member

    Add me: latin-69
  3. Diontae

    Diontae New Member

    Holla at me @shaady416
  4. Iceboy95

    Iceboy95 New Member

    add me on sc iceboy95 ;)
  5. Lp89420

    Lp89420 New Member

  6. Tchman23

    Tchman23 New Member

    I have a since humor so I at least have one the requirements! Theoretically if you like my humor that is. Let me know if you wanna chat!
  7. briderd

    briderd New Member

  8. Sexyfun239

    Sexyfun239 New Member

    Check,check,check add me @Sexyfun239
  9. Swayner2

    Swayner2 New Member

  10. ulyssesterpni

    ulyssesterpni Member

  11. Machine

    Machine New Member

    Add me: mperko4master
  12. M 26 athletic build. Posts 50% of the time with 24 F :p'
    Add me ;)
    Kik @ beautyandthebeast181
    SC @ Justinkennedy90
  13. Jewster

    Jewster Member

    Add me jewster7
  14. Horny82guy

    Horny82guy New Member

  15. Aaron

    Aaron Guest

    Add me at aaron.rand10
  16. funtime

    funtime Guest

    add me at k9funtime2 snapchat
  17. Ray murray

    Ray murray New Member

    Add me baby girl Ray_Murray0311
  18. Krimsonloki

    Krimsonloki Guest

    krimsonloki add me if want a bbc smiles and some fun

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