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Need A Hand

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by idonthavefriends, Oct 27, 2016.

  1. fdxxxc.jpg I'll keep this one short. I'm looking for someone I can be friends with and talk to, I don't want to directly sext, but I'd love to see your cock and talk about sex. I'll maybe even let you see too. ;-)

    I have plenty to talk about and I'm cute x

    Send me a link to your fave porn, and a live pic of your cock. Oh, and tell me something interesting about you.
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  2. Marty

    Marty Guest

    Add me on snap I would love to talk!
  3. @ wesley kraan on skype
  4. Or @ weskeykraan on snap <3
  5. Add me on snapchat seamus_forscutt
  6. Kik is racer10256
    Snapchat is shawny102
  7. Add me on snap!
  8. Add me babe you won't regret it :maxmckenna17
  9. CJn


    I can do all that @cjnassaur if your serious
  10. Add me @stargazer413955

    It would be nice to chat with you.
  11. Can you add me on snap?
  13. kesslr

    kesslr Guest

    snap me at wkesslr
  14. Snapchat: Cameron-Chad
  15. Cesar

    Cesar Guest

    Add me on Snapchat cesar_lopez75
  16. Cesar

    Cesar Guest

    Add me on Snapchat cesar_lopez75
  17. gmann27

    gmann27 Guest

    That sounds cool. I Love friendly talking as well as dropping pictures. My name's Garrett and my Kik is gmann_27. Hmu
  18. Add me on Kik psmith_5
  19. Charles_1997
  20. Kik - Anubisfun

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