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Need A Hand

Discussion in 'Dirty Kik' started by idonthavefriends, Oct 27, 2016.

  1. idonthavefriends

    idonthavefriends New Member

    I'll keep this one short. I'm looking for someone I can be friends with and talk to, I don't want to directly sext, but I'd love to see your cock and talk about sex. I'll maybe even let you see too. ;-)

    I have plenty to talk about and I'm cute x

    Send me a link to your fave porn, and a live pic of your cock. Oh, and tell me something interesting about you. fdxxxc.jpg
  2. Latin-69

    Latin-69 New Member

    Add me on Kik and we'll go from there :) kik: latino690
  3. Joe124444

    Joe124444 New Member

    Kik me Joe124444
  4. powernaptime

    powernaptime New Member

  5. Shackleford

    Shackleford New Member

    Kik biohazard2101 can i can hold a conversation
  6. Analease7

    Analease7 New Member

    I'm down for anything analease7 for questions or whatever :)
  7. Deadblade1342

    Deadblade1342 Member

    Add me halo1342
  8. LoevAnon2

    LoevAnon2 Member

    I am also looking for someone to talk to. I am looking for a person to talk about sexual topics, flirt, and do mutual masturbation. I understand that you might want to tale things slowly and I'm ok with that.
    My kik is anonlove2.
  9. Hockey42417

    Hockey42417 New Member

    Add me hockey42417
  10. Vagtforsok

    Vagtforsok New Member

    Add me: vagtforsok

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