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Need A Hand

Discussion in 'Female Snapchat Usernames - Verified' started by idonthavefriends, Oct 27, 2016.

  1. idonthavefriends

    idonthavefriends Registered User

    I'll keep this one short. I'm looking for someone I can be friends with and talk to, I don't want to directly sext, but I'd love to see your cock and talk about sex. I'll maybe even let you see too. ;-)

    I have plenty to talk about and I'm cute x

    Send me a link to your fave porn, and a live pic of your cock. Oh, and tell me something interesting about you. fdxxxc.jpg
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  2. Beekeeper2

    Beekeeper2 Registered User

    Hey add me on snapchat ripley294 i like to talk
  3. Hot9000

    Hot9000 Registered User

    Add me oscararrambide
  4. robarbe

    robarbe Registered User

    well im a hot skinny guy and a have a good cock.. add me on snapchat if you are down: latboi
  5. sexymale69

    sexymale69 Registered User

  6. Mark4444

    Mark4444 Registered User

    Add me weececil
  7. AnalIsMyThingGuys

    AnalIsMyThingGuys Registered User

    add me e.gosling63
  8. BeardedBlueEyed

    BeardedBlueEyed Registered User

  9. That1dood

    That1dood Registered User

    Add me
  10. Lester Scott

    Lester Scott Registered User

    I love talking about how it feels when my cock forces its way into tight wet pussies. We can talk about anything. Add my on snap. kinjaz4ever
  11. Hornyboy7878

    Hornyboy7878 Registered User

    Hey, Im a well build tall 18 year old with a nice cock, Id love to talk. Add me on snapchat: carsonwilson10 or on kik: carson_wilson10
  12. camaikun

    camaikun Guest

    add me on snapchat @ camaikun
  13. Sifubankai

    Sifubankai Guest

    Add me my kik and snapchat are sifubankai
  14. Thomx

    Thomx Registered User

    Hey, i'm Thomas and i'm a litteracy student from France ;)
    I would like to speak and have fun with you ;)
    Add me: thepussytrap
  16. YoungGunPunx

    YoungGunPunx Registered User

    You can add me cutie

  17. sabir124

    sabir124 Registered User

    Add sab-ir
  18. sabir124

    sabir124 Registered User

    Add me sab-ir
  19. Harry

    Harry Guest

    Kik me: h20_delirious123
  20. domicoco5

    domicoco5 Guest

    26 male from Austria, i would love to talk to you and chat :) Add me - domicoco5

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