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Rate me! (clothed)

Discussion in 'RateMe' started by Dangerbunnyx, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. Add my snap jjac824 and ill show you what I think
  2. I’d give you a strong 9/10. You have a cute face- your nose, your eyes, those cute as hell dimples when you smile- all very attractive. As always I’m a sucker for long hair, and yours looks so sleek and smooth. Your neck looks a little pronounced in this photo though, which is why I couldn’t give you a perfect score. But on to more of your good points! You look like you were born to wear that outfit- you have a kind of confidence about you that let’s you pull it off. You have a wonderful figure- all curves and no sharp angles. You, obviously, have a fantastic pair of tits as well- they just look so squeezable! Your butt looks just as curvy from what I can see, and that piercing is just icing on the cake. All in all, you are breathtakingly beautiful.

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