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Roommate's Away For The Weekend

Discussion in 'Kik Sexting' started by youarethecat, Oct 29, 2016.

  1. And I'm not really doing anything for halloween, so I'm probably gonna stay in my dorm for a lot of the time. And that's a lot of downtime...anyone want to have some fun? Bonus points if you tell me what you actually want to do in your pm, like, if you just want to chat, let me know some of your interests! Or if you want to rp, suggest a Snapchatenario? Negative points if its a generic "kik me" message or copy/paste. Um..I also have no limits, so more bonus points if you're super kinky. Post below! :D

    I'm a small brunette with glasses btw, and I can verify
  2. ivo


    hey babe give me a change and kik me at @ivopetr i m horny as fuck
  3. Hey want to get to know each other? Kik me at beekeeper3
  4. How about we chat first and get to know each other a little, then we'll see what happens? Kik -jemsguy
  5. I need some love missing it my Kik is ttimo69 if your interested
  6. Hey, would love to chat a while and get to know each other. Love to see the soecial parts of you and see what turns you on. My kik jplop50
  7. Young swede here. I would love to rp with you, and then see where we go from there... My kik is: Noelbarcafanlinder
    Send me a message and I'll tell you about some possible Snapchatenarios
  8. kik: shaneburger
    I'll take you home from a date and make you feel special in the bedroom

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