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Roommate's Away For The Weekend

Discussion in 'Snapchat names to add 2018' started by youarethecat, Oct 29, 2016.

  1. And I'm not really doing anything for halloween, so I'm probably gonna stay in my dorm for a lot of the time. And that's a lot of downtime...anyone want to have some fun? Bonus points if you tell me what you actually want to do in your pm, like, if you just want to chat, let me know some of your interests! Or if you want to rp, suggest a Snapchatenario? Negative points if its a generic "snap me" message or copy/paste. Um..I also have no limits, so more bonus points if you're super kinky. Post below! :D

    I'm a small brunette with glasses btw, and I can verify
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  2. Still up for it??;)
  3. Add me: mrino61
  4. I'm down to chat, sext, roleplay or anything really. 21 y/o. Also I'm some things involving my butt that society would deem as unconventional for a straight male. Add me - justhavingfun42
  5. Honestly id be down to do anything more definitely sexting/swapping pics. Snapchat:gpet9
  6. I'd be down for most things, whatever you wanted really. Add me Snapchat nextdoordarkrai
  7. Still looking for smt? I would love to take part! I am into alot but the only thing i don't like is stuff involving my bum...
    Snapchat: tempnamepro
  8. Hey my kik and snap are zackatpak. I'm 25 and are you still looking?
  9. Just ask me and I'll do everything. I REALLY want to see you squirt and stuff but its okay if you can't. Maebye a little nerdy Snapchatene in a classroom? That would be really sexy with you. Add me bby : stefandevries00
  10. You seem like good fun add me on Kik so we can chat @ natrix1030
  11. Cookie-aj

    Cookie-aj Guest

    I'd love to see u on Snapchat My Snapchat is Cookie-aj, look forward to seein u
  12. Dalton

    Dalton Guest

    I want you to force me to eat my cum, can I be your slave mistress
  13. I'm really down for anything. I enjoy sexting. My kik is spencur12000 if you ever want to talk
  14. Hi let’s talk
  15. Down for some explicit extremely detailed dirty talk/sexting. Add my snap: oz_fr

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