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Discussion in 'RateMe' started by The Sexting Forum, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. The Sexting Forum

    The Sexting Forum Verified Staff Member

    Treat all the Submitters with respect.

    This is a place where we appreciate the human body in all its glory.

    If your post doesn't appear in the "new" tab after submission, it probably got stuck in the auto moderation. Message the mods with a link to your post and we will manually approve it.

    • You must be 18 or older to use this section.
    • You must be nude or partially nude. Bra and underwear minimum for girls, underwear minimum for guys. Posts must be of your full body, no dick pics.
    • Try your best to use proper spelling, grammar, complete sentences etc.
    • Please tag your posts [M], [F],[T] or [?].
    • All pictures must be of you.

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