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SluttyGirlx from Edinburgh - 22 who loves sexting x

Discussion in 'Kik Mistress Usernames' started by SluttyKatiex, Jun 22, 2016.

  1. Hey guys! My name is SluttyKatiex and I am new to this sexting forum. I joined this sexting forum today because I am sick and tired of adding fake accounts. All I want to do is send some dirty snapchats to horny boys, is that such a crime?! Anyway the purpose of this thread is to get to know each other and see if we have things in common before we start snapchat sexting and kik sexting. I love adding random snapchat usernames and kik usernames.

    I am 22 years old and come from Edinburgh in the United Kingdom. I work in retail 20 hours a week and I am also a camgirl.

    I have both Kik messenger and Snapchat but I prefer kik sexting over snapchat sexting. I suppose I got into sending snapchat nudes and kik nudes when I was 19 and I just love a guy showning me attention. I think I must have over 200 kik usernames and just over 210 snapchat usernames but I really want to grow my list. I think I would like atleast 500 snapchat usernames and 1000 kik usernames.

    Here's a little preview:


    I think when it comes down to kik sexting and snapchat sexting a girl likes to be treated like a princess before they hand over kik nudes or snapchat nudes. You can't just demand dirty snapchats without even asking a girl her name or hobbies etc.

    I am 22 years old and studied higher law at Edinburgh college. I also am a camgirl for the majority of the week as it's really good money and helps pay my college fees and bills. If anyone would like the direct link please just post below and I will private messege you - Don't worry I have the Admin's permission. I hopefully will raise enough money from kik sexting and snapchat sexting to clear my debt and live a well deserved holiday.

    Anyway guy's that's alot of information about me. If you want me to add either your kik usernames or snapchat usernames for some dirty snapchat fun then please drop your usernames below and I will be in touch.

    Hopefully see you all soon!

    X Katie X
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  2. add me on kik noidea09 I'm a real 20 M who loves getting dirty surprises
  3. beticious, add me
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  4. add me on either kik or snap: Arjendoc. 24y M, i'd like to meet you!
  5. Snapchat- Chron4496
    Kik- Johnsmith9622
  6. Kik @ Sullivan193 Snapchat @ xsullyx18
  7. Add me on snap: da_realezt187
  8. Snap : david0210aa

    Add me ;)
  9. Hey there, I love your philosophy on meeting somebody before going all out on sexting them. Add me to get to know me better and we can see how things go from there
    Kik: Nevermaker
  10. Kik add me FFD322
  11. kik
  12. Kik me: jkay01234
  13. Jessethebeast98
  14. Add me on Snapchat @ sportsmustang12
  15. styn888
  16. Snap or kik Lramosy add me
  17. Hi, add me on Snapchat David.samuel999
    I can't wait to get to know you and your body better
  18. jadenfld

    jadenfld Guest

    Howdy im jaden my kik is jadenfld and my snapchat is jadenfld9. See ya
  19. Guest123678

    Guest123678 Guest

    Kik: TheDopeManIsBack
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