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Some female usernames

Discussion in 'Snapchat Usernames' started by The Sexting Forum, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. The Sexting Forum

    The Sexting Forum Verified Staff Member

    First off, I have permission to post these snaps. Second, they’ve all been verified. Third, if you’re a dick you won’t get far. I can’t help you with that. I will say this though, if you just send a cock or some dumb shit, expect to be blocked. Some of these accounts may have a premium or may ask for tips, but they are completely worth it as their stories are awesome.

    • Reezooken (f) is in a relationship. No requests, just enjoy the show.
    • Bratteaj (couple) very sexy story
    • Bbychrry (f) in a relationship. Much more open to women and couples.
    • Babypandapet2 (f) very much a tease but quite sexy, also a babygirl sub.
    • Thikumzbbw she’s just hot.
    • Dditch3 is a couple. Very hot story.
    • Punkgarbage has a sexy story.
    • NaughtyLou94 omg Just add her. She has apparently started asking for donations. Please keep me posted on this.
    • Daddysslutxoxo Name says it all. Free show.
    • Ziahleboho4 story only, in a relationship.
    • Gozdekenovaozel story only, doesn’t speak English very hot show.
    • Tamiiixx24 Sexy story.
    • couple4sex1984 Very hot story. Prefers ladies and other couples.
    Enjoy all! I’m trying to help make this a better community by squashing sellers. I’m also providing you with legit snaps. Do me a solid and don’t be a fucking bottom feeder.
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  2. Damn man thanks these are awesome I'll check them out!

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